El Guettar (operation)

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El Guettar (operation) is an Operation in Close Combat: The Bloody First.

Overview[edit | edit source]

US forces have recovered from their defeat at Kasserine Pass. The US II Corps, now under command of General George Patton, take the offensive in an attack that threatens the rear of Axis forces facing the British 8th Army in southern Tunisia.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

The momentum has shifted in Tunisia and the Germans and Italians are steadily withdrawing offering little organized resistance. It bring backs memories of being on maneuvers, easily winning small engagements, and taking objectives. Casualties are light and morale is high. General George S. Patton is now in command of II Corps which includes Terry Allen s 1st Division. Our objective is to engage the enemy and attack toward Gab s and consolidate gains along Gum Tree Road, ultimately pushing the enemy east into the advancing British 8th Army. Italian troops, German panzergrenadiers and 10th Panzer tanks may not be so cooperative.

Axis[edit | edit source]

There is only strategic withdrawal, retreat is not an option. General von Arnim has sent 10th Panzer forward to reinforce Italian troops. Our forces are reduced and supplies and replacements are not getting to the front line, but we must halt the American advance down the Gab s Highway and prevent the Allies from trapping the Italian Army at Mareth. Remaining Italian and German troops will reorganize, counterattack, reorganize, and counterattack again. Our remaining panzers may yet unhinge Allied momentum.

Battles[edit | edit source]

  • El Guettar: The 1st Infantry Division attack has failed and US troops have been driven back to their starting lines at El Guettar. The German 10th Panzer Division is now advancing on the town. Can the Americans regroup and turn the tables on the panzers?
  • Djebel Berda: Axis forces are dug in on the high ground southeast of El Guettar and must be cleared before the US II Corps can attack south and west toward the Tunisia coast.
  • Djebel Keddab: Having cleared the first line of enemy strongpoints on the high ground southwest of El Guettar, the US 1st Infantry Division attack continues over the hills toward Gum Tree Road.
  • Gum Tree Road: Having broken through the Axis defensive positions west of El Guettar, the US 1st Infantry Division exploits eastward, straight into a counter-attack by the German 10th Panzer Division.
  • Djebel Keddab Defense: Having broken the enemy defenses southeast of El Guettar, the US 1st Infantry Division halts and digs in the face of a counter-attack by the German 10th Panzer Division.